Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not long now...

The airport shuttle to...shuttle me to LAX will be here in less than twelve hours; I'll hopfully be somewhere over Greenland, en route to Dusseldorf, at this time tomorrow. 

I'm just about done packing and still considering taking the laptop with me. May or may not do it. It's troublesome, somewhat, but convenient, very much so...and this trip, owing to my continual medical challenges (nothing enough to cause me not to go, but always something, and when one something finishes, the next something begins) dictate that I'm gonna be kickin' it alot on this trip. 

The doctors have cleared me to go, but said to take it easy on my woebegone ankles and knees. So no dance clubs in Bratislava for me. No Alp hiking in Lauterbrunnen. No pilgrimages across the sand dunes of Jodphur, India. 

And in that kicking it, it may be nice to have my laptop with me so's I can do writing at my leisure...I'll decide tonight, I suppose, as this is all the time I have left. 


  1. If you see a cute, short woman handcuffed to an FBI agent, a bald guy in a wheelchair, and a drunken doctor -- hang on tight when you get over open water!

  2. are you there yet? are you there yet? how bout now? are you there yet? huh? huh? :-)